Our lifestyle team is here to inspire and help you!

Our lifestyle team focuses on creating client entertaining experiences, strategies and arranging memorable VIP visits.

Our mission is to provide you with impeccable service and peace of mind, while giving you back the luxury of time. 

Our team has experience, creativity, attention to detail, and charisma that is waiting to take care of you!

We help manage:

  • VIP visits
  • client entertaining strategies
  • brand experiences
  • lifestyle experiences
  • private luxury travel  
  • corporate gift selection
  • etiquette & protocol training
  • international dining decorum

We work with:

  • politicians
  • businesses owners
  • c-suite executives
  • entrepreneurs
  • sales managers
  • executive spouses

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As about our "Wines on the Water" corporate yacht experience. You and your top 20 clients will cruise with west coast waters while sipping wine and savouring culinary delights onboard the 123ft Sovereign Lady Yacht.

let's plan something amazing!